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Assistance is divided into three categories:

1. “NOW AID” (Emergency help)

NOW Aid is the most flexible assistance the Matlou Fund provides. NOW covers sudden or unexpected situations which can result from illness, death of a caregiver, or unpredictable natural circumstances such as flooding.

The Matlou Fund has supplied children and families with food staples including venison, long-life milk, maize meal and numerous other essentials such as blankets, warm jackets, footgear, mosquito repellents, bedding and soap.

We call this type of help “NOW AID” because children can’t wait for grants or proposals when a crisis strikes. NOW provides short-term assistance based directly on observations made by Matlou Fund staff and volunteers who live in the villages.

2. Children’s Extended “LIFE AID”

LIFE AID is based on the premise that every child deserves the hope of living past tomorrow and that tomorrow can bring joy, belonging and opportunity.

In a world where “hope” is defined as “delayed disappointment,” LIFE AID - supported programs offer children a new vision of their future.

Programs are created in conjunction with needs identified by the communities themselves and often run by local school teachers, wildlife officers, village elders and other dedicated village volunteers. They include cultural activities such as traditional dancing and singing, sports teams, school reward programs, life skills education, wildlife and conservation activities and scholarship programs.

Children learn, gain confidence, and look forward to weekly club activities including regular field trips to MATLOU and SUKSES Ranches.


Children need a safe, enclosed, protected place to live and sleep. Relatives and neighbors share their small one-room homes called "rondavas" with orphans, but the resulting overcrowding makes coping difficult.

In response to this latest legacy of HIV/AIDS, the Matlou Fund has begun to build small, one-room extensions onto existing rondavas where families have accepted orphans. This extra space is critical for the long-term success of extended families.

We have also expanded the building program to include building one-room homes for surviving mothers with children.

BRICKS AND MORTAR in 2007 will expand its building program to include a children’s playground. There are no swings or outdoor play equipment in the villages.
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