Matlou  Fund
∑ Every Child Deserves Another Tomorrow ∑
Aid Programs
The Matlou Fund is a U.S. non-profit organization dedicated to the long term well-being of the local people, wildlife and habitat of Botswana, Africa.

Due to the devastating toll wreaked by HIV/AIDS on Botswana, the Matlou Fund primarily focuses on helping needy and desperate people, particularly children, in remote areas.

In order not to be overwhelmed by the scope of the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, the Matlou Fund focuses primarily on three rural Botswana communities: the villages of Mathathane, Motlhabaneng and Lentswe Mority. The Fundís intense local approach allows us to identify children and families with genuine urgent needs and to make certain they actually receive the help we give.

Nearly 700 orphaned children currently live in these three communities! It is a testament to the local people that orphaned children remain in the villages whenever feasible. They are raised as family members by people who have little to share other than kindness and compassion for one another.

These are the children and families the Matlou Fund serves.

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